High-temperature energy-saving type, household electric heater, high-temperature electric curtain, energy-saving SLJF-5
Release time: 2019-10-10
High-temperature energy-saving type, household electric heater, high-temperature electric curtain, energy-saving SLJF-5
Working principle of high-temperature radiant heater Electric energy is directly converted into thermal energy by embedded electric heating elements. Through heat conduction and radiation to human body and materials, heat is quickly transferred to the radiant panel. According to the principle of the sun shining on the earth, the heat is distributed uniformly, the air does not generate convection, and the indoor relative temperature is maintained. It makes people feel warm and comfortable in the sun and guarantees the indoor warmth.
The structure of high temperature radiant heater is introduced. It is divided into five parts: heating element, heat sink, heat insulation layer, circuit control and housing.
Product characteristics of high temperature radiant heaters. Safety and worry-free: No wind, no light, quiet operation, no floating objects, keep indoor air clean.
2. Fast heating: As the electrical energy is directly converted into thermal energy, the machine will start for about 5 minutes, and the machine will reach the normal working temperature, enabling it to heat in time.
three. Service life: The design life of the machine is 25 years.
four. Heat storage and energy saving: Under the condition of constant temperature power failure, the heat storage function of the radiator starts to work, and continues to dissipate heat.
Application range and uses of high temperature radiant heatersApplicable scope: high-temperature space, public places, schools, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, commercial units, hospitals, stations, high-temperature yoga classrooms, sweatshops, factories, oil tanks, etc. Indoor heating.
Product packaging: carton packaging
This product is guaranteed for three years nationwide. In the meantime, if there is any problem with the machine, we will try our best to solve all the problems related to this product for you.

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