High-temperature radiant electric heater SRJF-X-30
Release time: 2019-10-25
High-temperature radiant electric heater SRJF-X-30
One. Safe operation: no sound, no visible light, no wind, no floating objects, clean air.
2. Energy saving: The electric energy is directly converted into heat energy, and the heat conversion rate is above 99%.
three. Good heat dissipation performance: the surface of the electric heater is a high-quality ceramic plate, high temperature oxidation, high temperature resistance, no deformation, no color change. The utility model has good thermal conductivity, large area, uniform heating, and a layer of coating on the surface, which can increase the thermal effect by 10%.
four. Long service life: no fan, no bearing, carbon brush, motor and other wearing parts. No running, dripping, dripping or leaking.
5. Fast temperature rise: The electric energy is directly converted into heat energy, and the heat loss is small. Starting at room temperature for 5-10 minutes, the surface temperature can reach about 300 ° C.
6. Good thermal insulation: because the temperature is high. In the shutdown state, the cooling capacity will be maintained for a certain period of time.
Number 7. Wide scope of application: suitable for various harsh environments (including extreme cold, high heat, sand and dust, humidity, vacuum, sterility, etc.).
8. Easy installation: Because it is light and does not take up space, it is light and can be installed at will.
No.9. Intelligent temperature control: temperature controller and time controller can be installed at will (be careful not to install it on the electric heater itself)
10. Directional radiation: It can heat specific objects to achieve local heating.
number 11. Long distance radiation: effective distance 3.2m, the most suitable distance 2.2m-2.6m.
12 years old. Suitable for many occasions: high-temperature yoga hall, yoga classroom, office, administrative hall, hotel, hotel, office building, bath, shopping mall, enterprise unit, hospital, station, factory, etc.

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