"Crystalline electric heating plate" has a greater capability than electric film. Take "carbonite heating plate" as an example
Release time: 2019-07-25
As heating equipment, "carbon crystal electric heating plate" and electric heating film, these two types of heating equipment have won people's favorite. And some people are still talking about which one is better, which of course has to be compared in terms of power, power consumption, heating effect and many other aspects. Today we will talk about "carbon What are the advantages of the "crystal electric hot plate", I hope everyone can have a full understanding after reading it.

" Carbon crystal electric heating plate " is made of carbon crystal, which can heat people when the carbon crystal is heated. In addition, the epoxy resin plate is used as the surface insulation material and the surface insulation layer of the electric heating film is patented. PVC vacuum envelope; further guarantees the safety of use, and the hardness of "carbon crystal electric heating plate" is relatively high, which also determines its high degree of insulation, more suitable for "wall heating" rather than floor heating; the use of "carbon "Crystal-electric heating low-temperature radiant heating system" is a new type of low-temperature radiant heating system. Its conversion rate from electrical energy to thermal energy is over 98%. The shortcomings of traditional heating products such as discontinuous heating and poor thermal balance are overcome.
"Crystalline electric heating plate" has a greater capability than electric film. Take "carbonite heating plate" as an example
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